The body and brain are not separate. Core Flow integrates the layers of body education – psychological and physical – like none other.  There are scores of testimonials from Janet’s students at Mills College, the Claremont, and her many private clients. Here are just a few of out of thousands that read with kindred enthusiasm:

“I’m old. Since I was a teenager, I have had a slouch. I recall my mother saying, “Stand up!” but no one – ever – taught me how. Suddenly, after a few sessions in one of Janet Welsh’s core flow classes, I felt my body knew what it meant to be upright, and in balance. That was several years ago, and I am still learning how to stand, sit, move, even how to sleep. Even more than this is the gentleness and sheer pleasure Janet brings into what is totally different from other “workouts”. Her spirit, her joyous energy and gifts restore us, whether twenty or ninety.

–Phyllis Travis, Ph.D.

“I couldn’t physically do what I have to do each day without her work–nobody gets in there like Janet! Her knowledge of physicality and movement is thorough, deep, intuitive. Not only does she find solutions for the imbalances that could impede my work as a doctor, but Core Flow allows me to be active, enjoy my life, and have fun. While her body wisdom is infinite, her attention to and understanding of even the smallest, most subtle details are what make Janet and Core Flow Fitness unique and real. I have complete trust in Janet’s work.”

–Dr. Katie Rodan, Dermatologist

“My doctor measured me three times. I had grown a whole inch!!! You don’t have to get shorter. Thank you, Core Flow!”

–Carol Thompson, Core Flow student, age 50

“Core Flow is revolutionary. It’s transformed the way I think about my body and absolutely propelled my training. Each class with Janet is a revelation. Anyone with a body should be doing Core Flow!”

–Melanie Hilario,
Writer and martial artist,
wun hop kuen do

 “I never thought I’d like my body. Now, I feel like a dancer. Core Flow was a rescue remedy for me, my spirit, my health, and my personal body image.”

–Karen Arcuri, Entrepreneur, Graphic Imprints

 “Janet has an incredible knowledge of the body, and she teaches through a series of fun, relaxing, and challenging movements that are both simple and intuitive. I have practiced all types of sports from yoga to rock climbing to competitive swimming, and I’ve even completed a marathon. In six months of practicing Core Flow®–which Janet relates to the nervous and skeletal systems–the results I’ve seen in my strength, flexibility, and overall well-being have been amazing…  Through working with her, my understanding of and my comfort level in my body has increased a hundred fold.”

–Abbie Bennett, Freelance writer

“One month later, my boyfriend said I looked phenomenal. That felt good. As time went on…all my aches and pains were going away. Physical therapy did nothing compared to Janet’s Class!”

–Victoria P., Student

“Although Janet teaches almost every day, I have only been able to get to her Monday night class. There is not a week that goes by that I do not wish that I had a DVD or some other access to her teachings. I have had various back and neck problems and often come out of yoga or Pilates injured in some way. During the 10 years I’ve taken Core Flow, this has never happened in any of Janet’s classes. I leave feeling taller, stronger, happier, more centered. I can move through my day with grace and wholeness. Although we do not ‘dance’ in her class, it is in fact dancing architecture.”

–Amy Rothberg, Member, Claremont Resort & Spa

“You will have more energy, be stronger, and feel great about yourself.”

–Jill K. (From her review on Yelp.com)

“In all of my past movement and athletic experience, I have never achieved the flexibility, alignment, and core strength that I have, thanks to Ms. Welsh’s teaching.”

–Peter Swensen, Composer and athlete

“I’ve never experienced a better system of exercises that strengthen and tone all parts of the body to support the singing voice. Amazing.”

–Cynthia Whitehead, Singer (from YouTube)

“Core Flow has changed my life. I’ve had two disks herniate (L5-S1 and L4-L5), and Janet knows how to work with people like me.  I never took fitness classes until my wife dragged me to Core Flow a few years ago. The first one was all it took to get me hooked. I can’t believe how much time I wasted on machines, not accomplishing anything, and how much better I feel from this class. I like to windsurf and kayak and generally be active, and this class has helped me get better at everything. And it’s FUN!”

–Cliff Frost, Computer Scientist (Yelp.com)

“My wife got me to go to the class. I like to run, swim, bike, etc. I realized, especially with age, how important it is to be flexible. Janet is an awesome instructor, and it is always a challenge. (I mean this in a good way.) J You learn more about your body, and how to take care of it. I recommend it to anyone that wants their body to feel better. It has helped my flexibility, which in turn has helped me be better at the other activities I do. I especially like her focus on the core…especially the abs.”

–Ricardo Cortes, Police Officer (Yelp.com)