With a passion for being healthy and fit, I have developed a revolutionary and innovative fitness program, called Core •Flow Fitness®. Inspired by the elements of dance technique and my love of movement and outdoor activities, I discovered a fusion of my own fitness training and body knowledge. Now with thousands of hours of teaching and training experience in dance, fitness, and body awareness, Core• Flow will provide you with an efficient, non-impact method of physical fitness and wellbeing that will allow you to understand your body better and move more freely through your life.

In the beginning, at 19 years of age, while pursuing a career as a professional dancer, I sustained a serious back injury that left me with a fracture at L4. lower back weakness, sciatica and a broken vertebra. Although fusion surgery was recommended, I opted for traditional physical therapies, studies in Feldenkrais® technique, and continually searched to figure out on my own how to do what I love and stay out of pain.

By integrating the deepest stretching possible and precision strengthening exercises, Core•Flow came into being. Over time, I began to include progressive fitness concepts, including Pilates, Yoga, Dance, and core training, which resulted in a magical mixture of muscular training, stretching and movement mechanics – Core •Flow®!

Through the years, Core • Flow has attracted a multitude of followers, from young adults to baby boomers and from athletes and dancers to those trying a fitness class for the first time in their life. All have found an opportunity to get in better shape, strengthen their core, increase their balance, improve posture, and even address a particular physical issue. Now, through online expanded classes, Core Flow DVDs, and custom training programs, I have the opportunity to help even more people discover the benefits of the Core • Flow® principles and techniques.

I look forward to sharing and teaching you how to integrate Core • Flow® into your lifestyle, providing you with a non-impact, no-strain fitness program that helps you live in a world of physical freedom, optimum mobility and inner grace.

Janet Welsh, MFA