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Core Flow Fitness (est. 2001) is a method of precision-based fitness that develops athleticism and core strength
with attention to increasing fluidity and balance, for ultimate shaping and ease of movement. 
Take minutes off your mile
or learn to move without pain and feel comfortable in your own body!



“No one does what Janet Welsh does with Core Flow Fitness. I walk into her class a scrunched up mess, and come out a living, breathing whole.  You know the expression, ‘the sum is greater than its parts’?  That’s Core Flow. Janet has created something that works deeply, right at the core, and integrates the body using a variety of techniques, intelligently sequenced, that together are far greater than their parts. This includes my mind…which after class feels in complete alignment with the world.
I’ve studied many movement and exercise techniques, but none have come close to Core Flow.”

– Laura Dudell, President, Dudell & Associates, Inc.